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Effective control of the geothermal/energy exchange system, especially if it is liquid to liquid, is one thing that can make a huge difference in the operational efficiency. Be wary of people looking to design the system on "boiler-based" principles. While there are similarities, there are also dramatic differences, and we have seen some horror shows from otherwise solid technicians.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2015 14:07

This is big news, especially for those of us "Westerners" in the more moderate climate areas.  Maritime Geothermal has applied their heat pump manufacturing expertise to develop an air to water heat pump that, with interaction with the air rather than the ground, puts out either hot or cold water.  This is perfect for applications where radiant heating and cooling is desired, but the cost of drilling is a barrier - or where the climate is so mild that it just makes sense to use the air.  Check it out at

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We've been involved in the Geothermal/Energy Exchange world for years now, having started with installations, progressed on to training, both for IGSHPA and CGC, as well as courses/programs (face to face and on-line and developed ourselves), on to product distribution and consultation. It has been, and continues to be, a very exciting ride! One major thing that we noticed some time ago was that there was a gap in written documentation on our industry. The result was our writing and publishing Energy Exchange - Geothermal Exchange and Beyond. It incorporates our experience and feedback through instructing thousands of participants in our training classes. We are in our third edition of the book. Additionally, over the years, one thing that has continued to haunt us has been the challenge in obtaining components and design considerations that are specific to the Energy Exchange world. Our latest thrust is to pull together a variety of products that both integrate well with each other, and focus on energy efficiency. Please take time to delve into our site for details. We're confident there will be things that will be of use to you.

Network Thermostats PDF Print E-mail

It's not a pure geothermal application, but do check out our Network Thermostats. They're a very inexpensive way of having solid control over a number of zones, either from a local computer or from the other side of the world. The wireless possibility of them also opens the door to retrofit possibilities that wouldn't otherwise be possible without tearing walls apart!

400+% efficiency? PDF Print E-mail

The law of conservation of energy is an empirical law of physics. It states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, meaning that we can't get more than 100% efficiency out of an energy conversion. How, then, can we claim efficiency percentages of 300%, 400%, or 500%? Quite simply, we're not effecting an energy conversion, but are using the refrigerative principles to move heat around, taking it from somewhere that we don't need or want it to somewhere that we do.  

They're not all equal PDF Print E-mail

All geothermal systems are not created equal! The heat pump itself is one factor, but much more critical is the design of both the ground exchanger and the distribution system.

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